The Insider’s Guide To Wearing Jumpsuits and Slaying it in Style

Jumpsuits are an easy style statement and there is no doubt about that. The head-to-toe garment creates a dazzling look. Then why most women still avoid this trend-worthy style? 

It is not always the easiest attire to pull off. You need to be careful about the fit or accessories to pair with your jumpsuit. Here is our guide on how to style a jumpsuit like a street style star.

The next time you plan to buy a jumpsuit from trendy online boutiques in the USA, make sure you keep the following things in mind.

 When to wear jumpsuits?

  Formal occasions

For formal occasions, most women often opt for a dress. While a dress may be the safest choice, it will not have the same impact as a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be as polished as a dress, offering a wow factor enough to turn heads. Therefore, for your next formal occasion, come out of your comfort zone and wear a jumpsuit. Pick a sleek and well-fit style that flatters your body. Do not forget to add some simple yet chic accessories.

 Casual occasions

If you are heading out for a casual party, a jumpsuit is your go-to outfit. They offer you a relaxed, super comfortable, and chic look, ideal for casual gatherings. Look for cotton & denim varieties and find the one that suits your style. 

In fact, loose-fit jumpsuits featuring a drawstring waist are universally flattering. If you intend to wear flats with your jumpsuit, make sure you choose a lace-up sandal that is a bit above the ankles. This will create balance and help you look slim.

 Jumpsuit accessories

Well, you can wear jumpsuits on casual or formal occasions, but you still need to think about the accessories. Opt for the wrong accessories, and you will create a sloppy, unstylish look. Plan out your outfit, paying close attention to the shoes, jewelry, and of course, a belt. There is no denying that this style statement asks for accessories that help it shine. Hence, make the choices carefully. The idea is to find accessories with the ability to accentuate your look in a jumpsuit, killing its monotony at the same time.

 Jumpsuits and belts

When it comes to styling a jumpsuit, a belt is a perfect choice, especially if you are still unsure about the style. When you wear a belt with your jumpsuit, you will help define your waistline in a flattering way. Even if the jumpsuit is already fitted at the waist, a belt can help you look slimmer. 

For those that are new to jumpsuits, it is recommended to try a belt that contrasts the color of your jumpsuit. This will add some dimension to the entire look and break up the straight, monotonous line of the jumpsuit. Consider pairing the color of your belt with the shoes for a well-put-together outfit.

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