The Comprehensive List Of Different Skirt Types To Choose From

Who does not fancy slaying in skirts? The right outfit can not only make one look ravishing but portrays her sense of fashion. Skirts add effortless charm to one’s attire, not to mention how comfortable they are to wear. They come in an extensive range of different styles. All you need is to choose the right one that suits your personality. If you are someone who finds it mind-bending to decide between minis and maxi skirts, you are in luck! Here we present some of the styles you can work your way through:

Different skirts types you can buy

Pleated skirts

Are you looking for a pleated skirt in one of the trendy online boutiques in the USA? Look no further than Sassyn! Pleated skirts are worn with different size pleats and in different lengths. Therefore, the pleated effect may vary with the size of the pleats. In addition, they are often made in synthetic fabrics that can be pressed, so the pleats do not fall out upon washing.


Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are girls’ favorites. They can be of various lengths. If you are a business professional or into corporate jobs, pencil skirts are your best friends. Women who prefer straight skirts that fit against the skin can easily go for these skirts.


Whether you are on a beach holiday or it is a casual day for you, a sarong skirt is a must-have for you. They are designed to wrap around the body at the waist and ties at the side. So if you do not mind flaunting your legs in a sarong skirt, by all means, go for it!

Asymmetrical skirts

Asymmetrical skirts are cut on the diagonal across the body, with one side lower from the other. They can be tight, flared, or billowing. If you are looking to make a unique style that befits almost any occasion, go for these. You will look elegant no matter the colors.

Bell-shaped skirts

If you prefer wearing a skirt on a formal occasion, there is nothing like a bell-shaped skirt. They can be made of varying types of materials. With a range of different styles and colors, it is easy to find one that suits you. The flare gives these skirts an elegant look.

Button-up skirts

Button-up skirts are more commonly known as button-front skirts, which are very easy to style. They have that little extra detail in the bottom, adding extra dimension to your outfit. They often come in the form of denim mini or suede mini skirts.

No matter the type of skirt you choose, make sure the material you choose is of high quality. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with online stores selling a variety of skirts. To ensure quality, buy your outfits from a reliable online boutique store, Sassyn. Check our latest collection of quality skirts available at an affordable price if you are interested! So, refer to Sassyn's website for more information.