Finding A Dress To Dazzle On All Occasions!!

It is jested that dresses are a girl’s best friend apart from diamonds. Although a bit of an exaggeration, it does not take away from the fact that most girls and women love trying on and buying new dresses. Therefore, there are dresses of different types and styles available across the many shopping platforms, not to mention those that are available at retail outlets all over the city. These styles are of several different types that include the Midi dress, the little black dress, and the designer velvet dress.

In its own way, a beautiful dress gives a woman a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and of course, vanity on looking good. Dress styles come in various blends of color and theme, subject further to the drifting trends.

Sexy Party Dress
• Club dresses: From sequin stunners and rich detailing to slinky bodycon dresses, club dresses are all about exuding confidence, making style statements, and exhibiting sexiness, all set to set the dance floor on fire.

• Little Black Dresses (LBDs): The LBD is the go-to attire for everything from a black-tie event to a wedding party. The blend of formal attire and casual flair is addictive with this particular dress. With an endless array of cuts, styles, and designs, the LBD is all about picking something that is a realization of all that is within you.

• Bodycon dresses: These dresses are all about showcasing your feminine attributes in a way that utterly flatters you. There is nothing like a body-hugging dress that highlights your female curves that can draw all attention to yourself. This polyester-comprising dress is available in several styles that vary as the changing seasons. Overall, this dress is trendy for cocktail parties, receptions, and corporate events.

• Lace dresses: There is nothing like an exquisite lace dress that can make a woman feel oh so special. Striking a remarkable balance between coquettishness and conservativeness, this dress oozes royalty and can make you feel regal and sexy all in the same space.

• Strapless and backless dresses: This dress is very expression of the phrase “less is more.” Highlighting gaps with your skin is a good way to make you feel an intense adrenaline rush from the taste of riskiness. Coupled with a fabulous piece of jewelry, this dress can light up any room that you walk into.

• Midi dresses: This dress is the ultimate blend of conservatism and modernism in today’s society. Combing the elements of hues, fabrics, and sparkle, this dress is a must-have for those with a tall frame and seeking to exhibit a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s.

• Skater dresses: This dress adorns the female silhouette in an effortless manner with frills, distinct patterns, vibrant hues, and textures in abundance. Coupled with the right accessories, these dresses are perfect for any casual getaways and evening events.

• Shift dresses: By far the most accommodating of dresses, they are less body-hugging and attract women of all body shapes and sizes. They are perfect for work and semi-formal events.

So whatever you are in the mood for or whatever the kind of event you are invited to, The Sassyn Shop has the dress styles are designed to make you feel the most confident woman in the room. The most important thing to be noted is that this confidence is attractive and infectious. Visit us to take note of our catalogue. You will definitely find something that catches your eye!!