Sandals: The Footwear For All Occasions

Saying that sandals are one of the most comfortable footwear is not an understatement. Especially for women, who wear attractive but uncomfortable footwear like high heels, it is akin to soaking in a warm, scented bath. 


Sandals are designed for comfort, breathability, ease of use, grip, durability, and, of course, durability. However, one has to consider quite a few things if you have to purchase one that suits you. As such, there are several stores that sell women’s sandal shoes online that cater to various foot sizes, preferences, tastes, and esthetics.


Here are 8 things to consider before you buy the right sandal for you:


  • Consider your lifestyle: Before choosing your sandals, consider what kind of lifestyle do you live. For instance, if you are used to rushing or walking through uneven terrain or roads, then durability is a factor. Additionally, if you do a lot of walking as part of your work, then it’s not the wisest decision to buy sandals with heels. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time in wet places, then you have to prioritize traction and water resistance.


  • What you need them for: Since sandals can be worn on a variety of occasions and paired with numerous outfits, you have to consider what you want to buy the sandals for. It helps you narrow down your selections.


  • Buy the right size: Size is crucial for selection. 


  • How high are the heels: Sandals have diverse designs with various heel lengths. Higher heels are a little more formal and are perfect for office wear or on a date. On the other hand, flat sandals are the preferred choice for a more casual setting, running errands, or going shopping. Thin or stacked heels are also a choice you can consider.


  • Closed or open toe: Closed-toe sandals are a blend of sandals and flats. They pair well with most types of outfits and can easily transition from a formal setting like meetings to a more casual one like after-work drinks with co-workers.


  • Comfort: What is essential is that your sandals are supportive and secure and still afford the utmost ease. Consider styles with arch support, adjustable straps, or an ankle strap.


  • Arch support: We mentioned arch support in the previous point because they provide good foot health, relief and create coziness on your heels. While flat sandals place undue strain on your Achilles, heels, and back, arched type sandals provide assistance for your foot and leg muscles while offsetting weight away from your forefoot. Additionally, sandals that have a broad heel tap base provide superior shock absorption and greater steadiness.


  • Look: Last but not least, the various designs must be good enough to catch your eye.


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