Ideas to Wear A Retro Lace Dress To A Wedding

Lace dresses suggest a combination of sophistication and purity. They are versatile with timeless designs in various cuts and lengths.

If you have been thinking of wearing your favorite lace dress on special occasions or parties, you are in the right place. There are some unique ways you can wear a retro lace dress at the next wedding party you attend.

It is absolutely fine to wear a lace dress to a wedding if you follow a few basic guidelines. They are:

Go For Colored Laces

A white lace dress is a big ‘NO’ because you do not want to look like you are trying to steal the bride’s look. It is always best to go for the ones in non-bridal colors. Buy a retro lace dress online that features a charming halter neckline. Look for bright and rich colors, or you may also opt for pastel hues. Do not forget to add some accessories that complement your look. 

For your lace dress, choose colors like plum, pink, yellow, mint green, or soft blue. 

Stay Simple 

If you are concerned about looking like the bride, stick to a lace wedding dress featuring a clean-lined silhouette. Avoid ruffles, tiers, or sparkly crystal embellishments often seen on wedding dresses. 

However, if you want your dress to have a little something extra, a soft ruffle at the neck or hemline is enough. Make sure you do not overdo it.  

Opt For A Short Dress

A lace dress that ends above or just below the knee is what you want to wear to a wedding party. A midi dress would be a safe option too. Never go for a long lace dress as you do not want to be confused with the bride.   

Can You Wear Black Lace?

If you wonder whether you can wear a black lack to a wedding, there is good news. Yes, you can go for a black lace dress to add a statement to your evening look. A sophisticated black dress is best worn with simple jewelry. 

You can also choose a navy lace dress if black is not your top pick. Wine or dark plum would also do the trick. These dark colors are as slimming as black without making your look dull. 

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