Finding the right Athletic wear for you

Sportswear is a segment of wearables that has stringent requirements in terms of its utility. Knitwear technologies are exploited to create high-performance fabrics and garments, and seamless garments offer a streamlined design to enhance user flexibility. Additionally, sportswear has specific requirements for moisture management, elongation, and recovery using specialty fibers and yarns and softeners used to enhance or supplement effects. As such, numerous outlets offer the best athletic wear for women, considering all the properties mentioned earlier. The range and variation in the design and utility have grown over the years to the present, where they can cater to all kinds of athletes.


The following are 8 different types of athletic wear available for women now:


  • Tank Tops: A type of sleeveless wear that is typically worn as an undershirt along with suits and dress shirts, but you can see it being worn solo as well. The design offers excellent durability and the passing of air during a strenuous workout session. Pocketless, buttonless, and collarless, they are designed for a tight fit.


  • Sports Bras: These are a mandate for all women for workouts. These are protective and highly stretchable to allow for flexible movement.


  • Long-sleeved Shirts: Multi-utility wears made for comfort and enhanced performance during workouts. Also, it serves for various opinions of conservatism as well. 


  • Racerbacks: Characterized by a T-shaped back just like shoulder blades. It ensures ease and comfort of movement during athletics for women. The best feature is that it showcases the back muscles and shoulders.


  • Sweat Pants: They are made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester that come with a heavy it. They are designed for comfort and made baggy but are being made more form-fitting to allow for greater flexibility during workouts.


  • Sweat Shorts: Now, being worn by women as their preferred athletic wear because of their nylon and mesh shorts that offer a greater athletic performance.


  • Leggings and Capris: Leggings signify comfort wear and provide the benefit of additional support and increased blood circulation. Capris, made from spandex, is premium sportswear because of its high stretchability and its comfort and ease during workout sessions.


  • Running socks and elite micro socks: These are preferred by women because they provide protection against blisters, corns, chafing, and other such skin conditions. Elite micro socks are more specialized for serious runners, having ventilation zones for moisture management and high breathability and a four-degree elite fit that keeps the socks in place.




Performance characteristics for all sportswear can be divided into four broad categories:


  • Durability: stretch, strength, tear and abrasion-resistant, odor resistance and UV resistance.


  • Comfort: Close fit, loose fit, intermediate fit, as well as cooling, warming, sweet release.


  • Identity and Recognition: Color, style, and design.


  • Functionality: Air drag resistance, water drag resistance, flame resistant, ice traction resistant.


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