6 Designer Tops You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

You love to wear fashionable and designer dresses and tops, and now with the availability of online stores, your search has also become quite easier. You can get stylish outfits by just browsing the internet, checking out designs, finding the ones that fit your size perfectly and then opting for making the purchase. As people are getting stylish day by day, the designs and patterns of outfits are also evolving. You can get affordably priced chic dresses if you buy from a designer boutique online. In this blog, you can check out six types of designer tops that you must have in your wardrobe to wear with every bottom wear. 

Bohemian Shirt Blouse

As the name implies, the design is something different from the rest. This top gives a bohemian vibe which will be loved by women who like to explore and do adventures. These tops come in vibrant colors like yellow or pink or even in multi-color with a bow knot from the neck of the same color. The fabric used is light-weight and breezy. You can wear it with your favorite trousers or jeans. This top is perfect for any summer parties or a day trip.

Long Sleeve Backless Top

If you love something backless, you must have these tops. Though they are long-sleeves, the back portion of the top has a deep design that makes you look attractive and stylish. These tops are perfect for evening parties or any date night. You can pair it up with your favorite leather pant or black trouser.

Faux Leather Crop Top

Do you like something short yet stylish? Then you should surely opt for the faux leather crop top. They are best suited with your palazzo pants or skirts. The sleeves of these tops are small, and there is a bow knot at the back. They are very pretty and fashionable in design. 

Ruffle Silk Wrap Blouse

If you love both ruffle and wrap simultaneously, you must buy the ruffle silk wrap blouse. They come in bright colors like yellow or orange. The front design of this top has a wrap-over design with ruffles in the waist and sleeves. You can get such designer top blouses online at affordable prices. 

Lacy Party Blouse

Lace is one of the most trending fabrics used these days to design outfits. They give the dresses a stylish look. If you want to wear something to a party which is unique and different from others, you can surely go for the lacy party blouses. They often have full sleeves with a knot from the neck. 

Stripe Velvet V-Neck Long Puff Sleeve Tops

If you love to wear velvets, then a striped velvet top should be your current favorite. These tops are very beautiful, and they can be worn as both formal and party wear. The sleeves have a puff design, and the neck is in V-shape. 

These are six popular tops you must have in your wardrobe. You can buy them from online boutiques like Sassyn Shop for fashionable outfits at reasonable prices.